About Us

As we are doing laps around the Sun, the number of brands, retailers, manufacturers is growing. Like mushrooms after the rain, new names pop up here and there. Supposedly, you are not going to live 300 years in order to google every single name. Just kidding, of course. But when it comes to buying something, there is nothing to laugh about. What is better: Samsung, iPhone, LG, ASUS, or Sony? What shows more performance: Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, or Mercedes Benz? And these are just a couple of examples. That’s where All-Rebates comes into play.

We have strived to save your precious time and we did it. Now, there is no need to spend hours in order to browse everything from A to Z. You can spend them living a happy life full of opportunities and informed decisions.

All-Rebates is not another comparison platform. This site is dedicated to providing a comprehensive listing of retailers, outlets, brands, and manufacturers, which are flavoured up with detailed descriptions, including brand history, a variety of products, discount options, available payment methods, and real contacts.

We understand that whatever you are up to buy, choosing the right retailer is a deeply personal decision. To this end, we do not suggest some cream-of-the-crop brands. Nor do we promote certain retailers, singing praises to them. We provide you an opportunity to make your own choice or just to learn more.

Want to know how Victoria Secret took its first small steps? Forget about long Wiki-articles. Interested about Etos’ range of produce? There is no need to dig out their official website. Need to get Facebook’s phone number? Don’t even try, you won’t find it on Facebook. Better go straight to All-Rebates. We provide the impossible.